Dog and Cat

Dosage – dogs

  1. Daily maintenance: Depending on size
    • 0 to 30 lbs (13.6 kg) one capsule or scoop of powder daily
    • 30 lbs to 75 lbs (34 kg) two capsules or scoops of powder daily
    • over 75 lbs (>34 kg) three capsules or scoops of powder daily
  2. Give your dog a capsule like a treat on its own or in peanut butter, cheese or marshmallow. Sprinkle the VELVET ANTLER powder on their food.

  3. Open cuts, slashes, scrapes, punctures, wounds or proud flesh:
    • Follow instruction in item #1, plus
    • Mix a little water with some VELVET ANTLER powder and make a paste. It will go black in color.
    • Wash the wound thoroughly once with cold water.
    • Put the VELVET ANTLER paste on the entire open area, thin but not so you can see through it. If it’s in a bad area and wants to fall off, then use gauze, the wound needs to totally breathe.
    • If the dog can reach the wound at all, they will lick, bite or chew off the VELVET ANTLER powder paste in a few hours. The reason for this is because the VELVET ANTLER is healing so fast that wounded area becomes extremely itchy. Just put more paste back on.
    • If there is a hole in the flesh, then fill the hole with VELVET ANTLER paste, once.
    • Do not keep washing the wound on a daily basis. This will stop the new skin from growing, and forming a proper scab or allowing the outside edges to shrink inwards.
    • Do not use any type of salve with the VELVET ANTLER paste whatsoever. Mainly because oxygen is blocked and the wound can’t heal.


  1. You will notice whenever there is open flesh; it will absorb the VELVET ANTLER paste.
  2. We have noticed on an average a very thin layer of skin forms within 26 hours.
  3. The size of the wound shrinks to about 50% within 6 to 7 days.
  4. A fine short hair growth will cover the scar area within 13 days.
  5. Most severe wounds show signs of tenderness but heal within 18 days.
  6. When tested on humans, we noticed instant pain relief. The same appears to be true for dogs.
  7. Dogs with major wounds don’t show any signs of scar tissue after they have been healed with VELVET ANTLER powder in paste form. (Scar tissue is referred to as hard white lumps underneath the skin. Anywhere you have scar tissue; it doesn’t seem to go away and usually causes arthritis in that area. It also doesn’t allow the nerve endings to properly join together and therefore becomes painful in cold weather.)

Dosage – cats

    1. Daily maintenance:
      • a ½ capsule or scoop daily

Sprinkle the VELVET ANTLER powder on their food.


Benefits for Animal Use

  1. Animals also suffer from arthritis and joint pains as their owners.
  2. VELVET ANTLER is a natural, scientifically proven relief for animal arthritic pain.
  3. Positive effects are being noted in musculo-skeletal conditions, hair growth and wound healing.
  4. Considering that hip dysplasia, a common ailment of many types of dogs, can render an animal immobile, prevention is key to a healthy animal.
  5. VELVET ANTLER increases stamina, muscle strength and endurance.
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